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Who can play at online casinos? 

As far as playing for fun is concerned, almost everyone is welcome to play. However, playing for real money requires you to be at least 18 years of age or the legal age in your jurisdiction.

Would playing for fun cost me?

Not at all. You can download and enjoy some games free of charge. You can play free casino games for as long as you desire.

How about if I play for real money?

You can play for real and win big at online casinos. Get all the facts on deposits, withdrawals and policies on particular online casino banking sites.

Is online wagering allowed by law?

Many online casinos host their websites from countries that are under no law restriction.  Online casinos often ask players who want to wager real money only do so if they are in agreement with  their local jurisdiction.

Where can I find detailed instructions for the various games?

Either on this very page or detailed game play rules and complete instructions for most of the games can be accessed by clicking the Help button from within the game when you are in the casino software.